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Our Vision:
Improve organizational and personal performance in Florida Government through the knowledge, commitment, and action of a society of Certified Public Managers
Mission Statement:
The purpose of the FSCPM is to foster and maintain high professional and ethical  standards in the practice of public management, to further the professional growth of the Society's members, and support the Florida CPM program as it recruits and trains current and future professional public managers.
* To support and promote the Certified Public Manager's Program
* To improve communication and cooperation among public managers in all sectors of Florida's government.
* To provide opportunities for members to continually increase their knowledge in the field of public management
* To promote growth and recognition of the Florida Center for Public Management Program, the CPM Consortium, and the Florida 
   Society for Certified Public Managers (FSCPM)
Consortium Application Package Consists of:
FSCPM Constitution By-Laws List of Officers
Incorporation Documentation Testament that FSCPM is not otherwise licensed Tax Exempt Status - IRS Approval
Financials Letter of Support:  Turnpike/FSCPM President Elect Letter of Support:  Polk Chapter
Letter of Support:  Suncoast Chapter Letter of Support:  North Florida Chapter Letter of Support:  Ben Green, CPM Program Director