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Ruthie Doles
Ruthie Doles, President

President's Message
March 2017


In CPM Level 1, we learned about motivation and its role in maintaining a happy and successful workforce.  As leaders, we’re expected to set the example and deploy practices that uplift our teams.  But how do we do that when we’re not feeling very motivated?   Lately I’ve been feeling a very demotivated.  I have a serious case of short-timer’s disease when it comes to work, given our current tenuous climate and for the first time, I find myself second-guessing how I will close out my career. 


We’ve been through a plethora of administrative leadership changes.  As government managers, we recognize that when there’s a shift in the upper echelons of the organization, the workplace becomes stormy until we figure out how best to work with our new bosses. Sometimes there are casualties and we find ourselves feeling insecure and fearful.  I can imagine there are many on the federal government level experiencing these emotions with the new White House administration.  How do they keep lifting the troops when their futures are uncertain?


When I find myself experiencing this “bah-humbug” spirit, I start to evaluate what I can do to motivate myself.  Self-motivation propels us forward, encourages continuous learning and success, and helps us to realize our goals.  At a management study website, they listed the following self-motivation techniques:



Communicate and talk to get motivated: Communicating with someone can boost up your energy and make you go on track. Talk with optimistic and motivated individuals. They can be your colleagues, friends, wife, or any one with whom you can share your ideas.



Remain optimistic: When facing hurdles; we always make efforts to find how to overcome them. Also, one should understand the good in bad.



Discover your interest area: If you lack interest in current task, you should not proceed and continue with it. If an individual has no interest in the task, but if it is essential to perform, he should correlate it with a bigger ultimate goal.



Self-acknowledgement: One should know when his motivation level is saturated and he feels like on top of the world. There will be a blueprint that once an individual acknowledge, he can proceed with his job and can grow.



Monitor and record your success: Maintain a success bar for the assignments you are currently working on. When you observe any progress, you will obviously want to foster it.



Uplift energy level: Energy is very essential for self-motivation. Do regular exercises. Have proper sleep. Have tea/coffee during breaks to refresh you.



Assist, support and motivate others: Discuss and share your views and ideas with your friends and peers and assist them in getting motivated. When we observe others performing good, it will keep us motivated too. Invite feedback from others on your achievements.



Encourage learning: Always encourage learning. Read and grasp the logic and jest of the reading. Learning makes an individual more confident in commencing new assignments.



Break your bigger goals into smaller goals: Set a short time deadline for each smaller goal so as to achieve bigger


I learned a long time ago that I’m the only one who can make a difference in my life if things are not going the way I want.  I am my biggest cheerleader, but the techniques confirm that I need help.  So I asked for a meeting with my higher-ups and senior managers to discuss our work situation.   I plan to meet with my senior managers first to discuss our concerns, and form a cohesive list of our successes and improvement ideas.  We are working hard to keep each other positive during this difficult time.  So if you’re finding it difficult to self-motivate, turn to those who care and support you.  Help may be as close as your local CPM chapter, so be sure to attend your next meeting.  I plan to do just that.  Sharing my thoughts with all of you CPMers makes me feel better already!! 


Until next time,



Info retrieved from http://www.managementstudyguide.com/what_is_motivation.htm


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